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Inspired: Bedrooms January 24, 2019
‘INSPIRED:’ – A New CMFTO ‘Tips & Inspiration’ Series

At CMFTO we work with wonderful clients who entrust us with the design of their treasured spaces. Throughout the years, we have compiled a pretty extensive catalog of updated, renovated, and refreshed rooms.

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Giving New Life to Beloved Pieces November 15, 2018

Sometimes relocation is about more than just editing, packing, and installing. More times than not, relocation incorporates updating.

We recently worked with clients who had lived in their home for 60 years.

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Follow-up: The Install (the work by Photographer Barbara Morley) May 31, 2018

Last October, we introduced you to one of our CMFTO™ Featured Artisans: Photographer Barbara Morley. (Click here to read the original post.) At the time, Barbara was working on a very special piece for a very special project.

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Design Refresh: A Touch of Blue March 22, 2018

Sometimes the easiest way to refresh an existing design is to add touches of the same color throughout the space. For instance, in a recent project we were inspired by the island of Capri and all the luscious blues associated with that remarkable place.

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CMFTO Featured Artisan: Julie Conway, Glass Artist March 15, 2018

Over the years, our clients have come to rely on our extensive rolodex of reliable and gifted artisans and resources. At CMFTO, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize extraordinary talent, and while we can’t share ALL our secrets, we thought it would be fun to highlight a few of our favorite artisans throughout the year.

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