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SILVER: CMFTO’s 5th Annual Clutter Challenge (Luxury Edition) April 18, 2019
SILVER: CMFTO's 5th Annual Clutter Challenge (Luxury Edition)

Silver is one of the most prevalent items we find in significant quantities in our clients’ homes. There is a big difference, though, between sterling silver and silver plate. This is actually one of our favorite things to discuss and present in our version of the CMFTO™” Road Show.”

To start, there is a simple and general way to look at silver:

Sterling silver has the potential to appreciate in value, silver plate does not. Read more
JEWELRY: CMFTO’s 5th Annual Clutter Challenge (Luxury Edition) April 11, 2019
JEWELRY: CMFTO's 5th Annual Clutter Challenge (Luxury Edition)

Just like last week’s focus on art, jewelry is another area that is highly subjective. With the exception of some of the component basics (like weight, carat, and quality), the value of jewelry is entirely driven by its marketability.

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ART: CMFTO’s 5th Annual Clutter Challenge (Luxury Edition) April 4, 2019
CMFTO Clutter Challenge: Art

Art is one of the most personal investments we make as adults. Over decades, we can accumulate a large number of pieces, which is great when we have room to display them, but

what do you do with your art collection when it’s time to rightsize? Read more
A Living Room With A View September 27, 2018
Before & After
A Recent ‘Before & After’ Story

When property owners live out of town, CMFTO can be a real estate agent’s best asset for quick staging and turnaround. On this recent project, our friend and colleague, Janet Owen with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, called us to assist with staging her client’s home.

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What To Do With All Those Amazon Boxes… September 13, 2018
Give Back Box

Amazon has made life infinitely more convenient for many people around the world. And if you have a Prime membership, even more so. This also means, however, that we now have a lot more packing waste to deal with on a regular basis.

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