CMF Transitional Organization, LLC
Chicago: 312.420.1221 • Los Angeles: 323.999.1819
About CMFTO™

CMF Transitional Organization, LLC, estab­lished in 1999, focuses on assisting individuals and families through life transitions specifically regarding the home. Rightsizing, relocating, or simply moving across town is no longer a challenge with CMFTO™ facilitating every step. Some of our services include:

The CMFTO™ team of design and organization experts provides con­cierge-level service to address every detail involved in the process.

Claudia McLaughlin founded CMFTO™ in 1999 as an adjunct to her existing interior design business. In trying to meet the various needs of clients who were selling their homes and relocating, many realtors found value in referring and recommending Claudia and CMFTO's services. Over the years, the company has expanded to include nearly every aspect of transitional organization, based on the personalized service business model originally created by Claudia.

Claudia's creative talent has both defined and directed the company for decades by providing an array of services in hundreds of homes. The CMFTO™ team brings a creative and fresh approach to every project, combining high-level organization skills with a passion for perfection.

Claudia McLaughlin "Since 1999, we have assisted over 1,000 households, preparing homes for market through relocation. Whatever our client needs, CMFTO™ can make the transition easier."