CMF Transitional Organization, LLC
Chicago: 312.420.1221 • Los Angeles: 323.999.1819
About CMFTO™

CMF Transitional Organization, LLC, established in 1999, focuses on assisting individuals and families through life transitions specifically regarding the home. Rightsizing, relocating, or simply moving across town is no longer a challenge with CMFTO™ facilitating every step. Some of our services include:

The CMFTO™ team of design and organization experts provides con­cierge-level service to address every detail involved in the process.

Claudia McLaughlin is an interior designer and the founder of CMF Transitional Organization, LLC (CMFTO).

Claudia started her career in Chicago working with Fortune 500 corporate executives undergoing relocation. Her focus and expertise in interior design lent itself easily to assisting private clients who were buying new homes. Subsequently, through word of mouth, realtors began requesting Claudia’s assistance with preparing homes for market and closing.

Over time, Claudia recognized an increasing demand for a concierge-style business transitioning clients from one home to another. In 1999, she launched CMFTO and expanded her services to include home editing, staging, interior design, renovation, move management, and senior relocation.

Claudia is dedicated to ensuring a successful, stress-free transition and providing a wonderful living space for each of her clients.

Claudia McLaughlin "Since 1999, we have assisted over 1,000 households, preparing homes for market through relocation. Whatever our client needs, CMFTO™ can make the transition easier."