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Partner Spotlight: Jan Steiner

At CMTO, we often have the pleasure of working with trusted partners to manage every aspect of our clients’ moves, including senior relocations — a specialty of ours for more than 20 years.

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Do I Need An Estate Sale Professional?

At CMFTO, we often recommend that clients consider an estate sale when they have a full household that needs to be emptied quickly — or if they have a large inventory of items, including ones of lesser value, as buyers at estate sale love high-low shopping options. 

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Are Storage Units a Good Idea?

To rent or not to rent a storage unit. That’s a big question for many homeowners.

According to industry statistics, more than 10% of Americans pay an average of $100 a month on self-storage units — often on items that are forgotten or left to languish for years. 

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Why Editing Your Home For Sale Matters

Piles of books, overstuffed closets, rooms full of Legos and other kids’ toys that seem to multiply overnight. Clutter is stressful enough, and when you’re selling your home, it can be especially daunting. 

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The Rightsizer Rightsizes: A Very Personal Design Reveal!

For years, CMFTO has specialized in Rightsizing Done Right™  — that is, helping clients relocate from their current home to one that better suits their needs, whether that’s a growing family moving into a larger place or empty nesters looking for a smaller one.

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