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Editing • Organizing • Staging

Through editing, organizing, and staging – as well as our Decluttering Made Easy™ approach – CMFTO will help you make the most of your home.

Staging To Sell

Staging has become an important step in the process of selling a home. At CMFTO, we focus on presenting your home to maximize its potential for prospective buyers. While our team focuses on editing and organizing, we work together with our trusted list of vetted resources to address needed updates in the home. The result is a property that is optimized and ready for market.

Staging To Live™

Why wait until it’s time to sell your home to maximize its potential? Too often we live with clutter, unused items, or items in need of repair, making our homes feel more cramped and outdated. At CMFTO, we believe in Staging To Live™. Staging To Live™ is about creating the home you desire, while living in it. When you stage to live, you are investing in your enjoyment of your own home.

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“As a real estate broker specializing in the high-end market, my clients often need their larger homes prepared for market when they’re rightsizing. One of the biggest challenges for me is breaking the news that they have to let things go. CMFTO has the right approach. They have mastered the true art of helping people 'let go' without offending them. At the end of the project my clients are thrilled that I referred them to CMFTO, because it made the process easy and painless. I highly recommend Claudia and her team to assist in any transition. She is truly the best." Janet Owen, Luxury Broker
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