CMF Transitional Organization, LLC
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Senior Relocation

CMFTO™ is a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Whether moving to an entirely new location or transitioning within the same community, our team works to make all our senior relocation experiences as seamless as possible. Our services are available in their entirety, or a la carte, based on your needs.

  • Assess existing home.
  • Create custom floor plan for new home.
  • Discuss move date with family.
  • Discuss paperwork clutter and technology needs.
  • Discuss additional services needed, such as: shredding, household cleaning, household repairs, furniture refinishing, wine storage.
  • Secure moving professionals.
  • Assist client with choosing items to be moved, sold, or donated.
  • Finalize custom floor plan.
  • Finalize move date.
  • Organize and pack household items for move.
  • Coordinate sale of no longer wanted items and furniture.
  • Document and facilitate donations for tax purposes.
  • Finalize technology needs.
  • Oversee moving professionals.
  • Install complete household, including art.
  • Follow-up on technology install.
Anne & Dennis Murphy

"Moving is stressful. To work with a team of knowledgeable pleasant people made it much easier. They just simplified things. And the best part is, I love every room I go into!"

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