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Move Management in Old Town, Chicago

About Old Town, Chicago

Less than two miles north of downtown Chicago, Old Town has a lively urban atmosphere and plenty of green spaces — the best of both worlds. The historic neighborhood features charming Victorian-era buildings, tree-lined streets, and a bustling shopping, bar, and restaurant scene. Home to the iconic Second City comedy club, Old Town is just a mile west of Lake Michigan with easy access to Lincoln Park, which offers a world-class zoo and nature conservatory. Located on North Wells Street between Division Street and North Avenue, the neighborhood is part of Chicago’s Near North Side and Lincoln Park.

CMFTO – Astor Living Room

Ready to learn how CMFTO can help with your next move?

CMFTO’s Approach to Move Management

Founded in 1999 by Claudia McLaughlin, CMFTO provides custom, concierge-level move management services for individuals, families, and seniors, whether you’re relocating within Old Town or across the country. 

Acting as your move manager, we handle every aspect of your move with impeccable attention to detail — from planning to packing to installation — ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Our team has expertise in handling fine art, antiques, cars, and other valuables that require special care.

CMFTO Move Management Services

CMFTO’s four-step process includes the following move management services:


During an initial meeting, we discuss your needs and the details of your move, including:

  • Editing your current Old Town home
  • Creating a floor plan for your new home
  • Art, antiques, or other valuables to sell, auction, or ship to loved ones
  • Fine art or wine that requires special handling or storage
  • Shipping items to more than one address
  • Final repairs or cleaning necessary to prepare your Old Town home for closing

Organize Your Home & Get Quotes From Movers

Next, our experienced team works with you to prepare your Old Town home for the move, including: 

  • Organizing and identifying furniture and accessories to be moved
  • Tagging items for loved ones
  • Working with auction houses and other vendors to sell unwanted valuables, such as china, silver, art, or antiques
  • Taking care of any donations and securing receipts for tax purposes
  • Clearing out your basement or attic
  • Gathering estimates from movers and working with you to make a selection
  • Finalizing the move timeline

Pack & Move

For local moves, our team performs the following white-glove services: 

  • Packs and organizes your kitchen, installing it in your new home two days before your move date
  • Oversees the professional movers when they pack and unpack your larger items
  • Instructs movers where to place furniture in your new home
  • Installs all items in your new home. This custom service includes hanging art and placing accessories according to your aesthetic; making beds; and organizing your clothes in the closets — ensuring your new home is ready to enjoy from day one. 

For long-distance moves, our team:

  • Oversees the wrapping of furniture and packing and crating of your other items, thoroughly labeling the contents of all boxes 
  • Supervises the movers when they load the truck
  • Confirms delivery schedule with movers

Prepare Home For Closing

Finally, our team performs the following services to prepare your team for the new homeowner walk-through: 

  • Removes unwanted items from your home 
  • Performs a thorough final cleaning

Schedule a Complimentary Call

Fill out our contact form and we’ll schedule a complimentary, 45-minute call to discuss your project goals, timeline, design intent, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll walk you through the CMFTO process and set up an in-person follow-up meeting, as needed.