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Decluttering Made Easy™

Too often we live with clutter, unused items, or items in need of repair, making our homes feel cramped and outdated. While it can be overwhelming to manage all the “stuff” we accumulate, Claudia McLaughlin and the CMFTO team offer a streamlined process for decluttering and organizing your space.

Our Decluttering Made Easy™ approach will help you create the perfect home, whether you're looking to move, or planning to enjoy your space for years to come.

Decluttering Made Easy™ focuses on removing any pieces you no longer want or need, to highlight your home’s character and best features. Our approach to decluttering is not about living a minimalist lifestyle; rather, it’s about maximizing your enjoyment of what you already have.

CMFTO has compiled our best decluttering tips and advice for you, based on 20 years of experience preparing homes for sale and enhancing our clients’ living spaces. We hope you find this guide helpful for decluttering and organizing all your spaces and items, including:

Claudia and the CMFTO team would be happy to help you with any and all decluttering needs you might have — from clearing out a basement that’s become a catch-all space to helping you edit your silver collection and sell any remaining items.

Learn more about how CMFTO can help you declutter and create a more enjoyable space.

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“Claudia and her team were a key element of our successful move when we combined two large homes into one. Her assistance allowed us to save money on our move and make a little extra as we disposed of unwanted things. We would never move again without CMFTO.” Karen Zelden Read more testimonials