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Decluttering Made Easy™: Bed, Bath & Table Linens

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If there’s one household item that seems to reproduce when we’re not looking, it’s linens. Whether they’re for the bedroom, tabletop, or bathroom, linens just seem to accumulate. If you’ve lived in the same family home for a decade (or even four!), the piles can become especially overwhelming when it’s time to move.

Typically, linens are stored in a dedicated closet or furniture designed to hold them. However, at CMFTO, we often find linens scattered throughout our clients’ homes — in guest room dressers, bins in the basement, and even tucked away in the garage and attic for a “special occasion.”

Linen Closet

So, how do you edit and organize a vast collection of linens?

As with clothing, it’s helpful to separate linens into three categories to start:

  • Damaged and/or incomplete 
  • Outdated and unwanted (consider patterns, colors, and sizes)
  • Clean and useful

Once you’re done sorting, it’s time to discard the damaged linens or repurpose them as cleaning rags. Incomplete sets can sometimes be donated, but keep in mind that many linens, such as bedding, are not accepted for donation, so be sure to check with your local donation center first. 

We like to think outside the box whenever possible and have found that many animal shelters and veterinarians welcome clean, used towels and blankets for the pets in their care. Getting creative with your unwanted linens extends their use and helps animals in need — a win-win!

Finally, when working with clients who are rightsizing, we often advise them to start fresh with all new sheets, towels, and blankets. Not only is it nice to have new items for your home, it also makes the process of setting up the home so much easier when everything is purposefully purchased, for now and later.

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