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2nd Annual Clutter Challenge

It’s that time again! The weather is getting warmer, spring cleaning ideas are gathering in our minds, and April is upon us, which means: It’s time for our


Last year we dedicated the month of April to cleaning up, clearing out, and getting organized. Over the course of (almost) five weeks, we addressed:

Magazine Management
Dishes and Dining Rooms
Purging the Pantry
Clearing the Medicine Cabinet
Cleaning out the Closet

To revisit each or any of these topics, just click on the title above.

This year, we’re continuing our editing exercise by focusing on four new areas in the house, including:

  • Paperwork Storage and Retention
    (what exactly are we meant to keep and for how long?)
  • Media Management
    (DVDs and CDs find a new, more compact, home)
  • Family Photos Galore
    (Systems for preserving and honoring your most cherished memories)
  • Books, Books, and more Books
    (Are you really going to read them again?)

So, stay tuned, bookmark our website, and share with your friends as we gear up for CMFTO’s 2nd Annual Clutter Challenge!

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