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A Holiday Tip from CMFTO™


The holidays are here, and it’s time to bring out your special entertaining pieces. Or is it? One of our dear friends has shared a tip from Napa Valley that we have embraced and taken a step further:

Use multi-purpose wine glasses for champagne!

While champagne flutes have been the gold-standard for a bit of bubbly, the folks at Cakebread Cellars recently turned to the elegant Cabernet glass for their sparkling wines and were pleasantly surprised with the results. Over Thanksgiving, we ran with this idea and offered all wine in a multi purpose glass.

Enjoying the fragrance of all wines served in a single style of glass simplifies party prep allowing for more time to mix and mingle with friends and family this holiday season. It also means that those champagne flutes can stay tucked away this year, resulting in less cleaning and fuss for you, making the holidays just a little bit easier.

We hope you’ll join us in trying out this new way to enjoy the most festive wines of the season.

All my best,

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