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An Inside Look at The Home Editor™ Process

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Preparing and staging a home for market has many different layers, that can range from addressing basic needs like editing, to more cosmetic aspects like painting, repair, and staging. A recent project had us doing it all, and the end result is 100% worth it.

We thought we’d share a glimpse into our process of how we take a well-loved home to a home ready to be loved by a new family.


Before we begin working on a new project, we do a complete walk-through with both the homeowners (and/or their family) and our team. The goal is to edit the home and remove the items the family wishes to keep, while also identifying items that are ready to be donated or sold.  Together, we make a game plan and set a timeline for completion.


Every project is unique. Some involved editing, organizing, and staging. Others require a bit more attention, such as painting, repair work, and updates. Our team oversees every aspect of the process with our trusted vendors and trades.


With all of the necessary repairs and updates completed, we focus on showcasing the home and maximizing its potential through staging. In the end, prospective buyers walk into a space where they feel comfortable and are easily able to imagine themselves living.

As The Home Editor™ we thoughtfully pare down the interior to create a clean and updated blank canvas. We are then able to add the little details that make a house feel like home to every buyer that walks through the door.

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