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Ask a professional… not your heirs

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When my friends and colleagues sent me the same article related to my business more than 15 times, I knew I needed to respond. I recently received this NY times article about what to do with all those “heirlooms” we all have tucked away in our cupboards, attics, and basements.

As we help our clients in the midst of transition, the question comes up time and again: “What do we do with all this… stuff?”

At CMFTO™ we feel the best response is to work with someone who is more than simply a “move manager,” but who can help you with all aspects of this process. In addition to assisting with the sorting, organizing, and donating, we connect our clients to both private buyers and consignors to help sell the unwanted items.

In order to help you sift through a lifetime of memories and keepsakes, it’s best to work with someone like CMFTO instead of asking your heirs. That’s not to say that you should leave your family out of the conversation (they need to be included), but as the article demonstrates, they probably only want select pieces to carry with them and pass on to their own children.

Once family members have made their selections, a professional company like CMFTO™ can help with everything that remains. Furthermore, even the heirs are happier (as our clients have often testified), because they aren’t saddled with truckloads of belongings combined with the emotional guilt they may experience as they let go of the majority of it.

Again, referring to the article: our aesthetic, culture, and society have shifted from one of accumulation and consumption, to one of experience. This allows us to hold on to the most dear memories and items from our youth, while allowing us to let go of the rest, resulting in simpler living spaces.

It’s often easiest to begin the process of sorting and paring down before it becomes a necessity through crisis or emergency. To learn more about our services, please contact me to discuss how we can help.

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