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Before – During – After: The Process of Staging

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This week we are sharing a recent staging project including the “in process” phase.

Whether you are preparing a home for market or Staging to Live, we hope these photos will inspire you.

Staging - Before


This living room looked clean, neat, and airy – but it also felt a tiny bit cramped when you walked in. For a prospective buyer, this can be an immediate turn-off.

Staging - During


In order to show off the room (and those glorious windows!) to best advantage, we made a few needed repairs to the wall and began editing some of the furniture and artwork.

Staging - After


The end result still shows the same beautiful aesthetic, but leaves the room feeling bigger, more open, and much more inviting for a potential buyer.

Editing a home for sale can seem like an unnecessary step for some homeowners; but for the buyer, it can make a world of difference. Our job as The Home Editor™ is to create a space in which the buyer can imagine themselves living. When a prospective buyer is able to see themselves in the home, a sale is almost guaranteed.

At CMFTO™ we believe that staging shouldn’t just be for a sale, but rather, for every day living. More often than not, our clients tell us they wish they had done it sooner, so that they could enjoy it longer.

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