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Bigger, better and more fun!

It’s here!!! The brand new CMF Transitional Organization (CMFTO) website has launched.

We are very excited about this new step as we have incorporated much much more into the design than ever before. It’s bigger, better and more fun!

Not only are we now highlighting pictures from recent projects, but we’ve added an entirely new category: items for sale! It’s true – you can now see select items on the website and contact us to purchase them for your own home. That lamp you’ve always wanted, or the perfect table for your entryway, are now just a mouse-click away!

In addition to being able to see pics of what we’ve been up to, you can also now connect with us many different ways. Whether you prefer a weekly email of the blog, updates on Twitter, or interaction on Facebook, CMFTO is ready to connect with you. You can even join us on LinkedIn as well. It’s all about the networking these days, and we are very grateful to our friends, colleagues and clients for being part of our network as we continue to expand and grow.

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to browse around the website, we encourage you to do so today. You can even bookmark it as one of your favorite sites, since we will be updating it regularly with new pictures, upcoming events, and merchandise!

Don’t forget to tell your friends all about us.  We know they will appreciate having a new resource for unique merchandise, and you can take the credit for being ‘in the know!’

Remember: If only moving involved moving only! No matter what size your project, we’re here to help you.

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