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Moving Within a Senior Community

Attention to detail and creating a sense of familiarity is most important when assisting people during transition. This is never more true than when we are working with senior clients undergoing a change in their circumstance.

While we often help new clients undergoing transition into their next phase, recently, we have found ourselves working with past clients who are making their next move.

We recently had one such example in which we helped a new client, a senior couple, move within their existing senior community.

Five years ago, we moved our clients into their independent living apartment in a senior community. Embracing this new chapter in their lives, they freed themselves of the responsibilities of property and home ownership.

Now, five years later their situation has changed. They each have specific needs which their community is set up to address. One needed to move into a memory care apartment, while the other needed to move into assisted living. In order to keep our clients comfortable with as little disruption as possible, CMFTO completed both moves within the same day, within the same community.

We believe in the importance of maintaining consistency for our senior clients, in order to make their new environment as familiar as possible and aid in their transition. It’s how we approach every project, no matter how big or small. The attention to detail and the focus on quality of life during transition is what CMFTO is all about.

Here’s what another client with a similar situation had to say:

“Two years ago, we moved our mother from out of town to the Mather in Evanston, handling the details ourselves. When we found that our mother required a relocation within the Mather, we realized that we needed additional support. CMFTO answered our needs and helped us create a beautiful and familiar interior for our mother. Claudia and Gina also orchestrated moving furniture to relatives as well as selling the balance. It was truly money well spent.”
– Vikki Creeden

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