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No day like a snow day to clean out your stuff

It’s been a long winter in Chicago, to say the least.

How many days have you been stuck inside, staring at the contents of your home, mentally disturbed by all the unnecessary clutter?

Why wait for “spring cleaning” to weed through it. By the time warm weather rolls along, the last place you’ll want to be is inside. Use these drab days to your advantage, shake off the winter inertia and tackle that stuff.

Where do I start?

Give it away or toss. It’s a simple yes or no.

Ask yourself, is the item irreparable or outdated? Running shoes with too many miles. An appliance too costly or dated to repair. Old magazines and books you never read.

If it’s a family heirloom, does it carry real value or only sentimental? Just because it was in your grandmother’s house, do you think even she would have kept it?

If it’s a true treasure you’re ready to part with, wrap it up as a wedding or housewarming gift for just the right relative.

Too often, it’s hard to part with stuff for which we paid a lot of money. Like the looming French armoire no longer hiding your TV. A designer dress worn 20 years ago that doesn’t fit. Admit it served a past purpose and move on.

If you’re still stuck after this pep talk, call us. CMFTO specializes in leading you through the steps of material liberation. A trained eye can help you see beyond the clutter and lighten your emotional load!
Another perk? Getting rid of all that clutter frees your mind (and space) to tackle your 2013 taxes!

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