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Partner Spotlight: Jan Steiner

At CMTO, we often have the pleasure of working with trusted partners to manage every aspect of our clients’ moves, including senior relocations — a specialty of ours for more than 20 years. One such partner is Jan Steiner, who founded Senior Transitions Concierge in 2016 to help seniors and their families find the best possible community to meet their needs.

Here Jan discusses the inspiration behind her company, along with our work together. 

The Inspiration Behind Senior Transitions Concierge

I was a realtor for several years, and my passion was always finding the best possible fit for my clients, so that was the driving force. After working as a realtor, I segued into working for several different senior living communities and found that people were often deer in headlights, because they didn’t want to plan ahead! My business allows me to combine my expertise in senior living and real estate to help clients and their loved ones find the right community for them. 

How The Search Process Works

We listen and guide our clients, so we can find the right fit for them. I work directly for my clients and don’t receive referral fees from senior living communities, so I have the option to refer them to the best place for their needs and lifestyle. There’s value in getting an objective, unbiased opinion. Once we’ve narrowed down the options, I set up tours at the senior communities and we visit them together. It’s important to consider what clients prefer. Do they feel comfortable with the other residents? Do they want a place with chandeliers or a more casual environment? There’s no one place that fits everyone’s needs.  

Working With CMFTO

As a concierge, I refer my clients to other service providers, including CMFTO. When they’re ready to move, I refer them to Claudia and team. They come in and help clients work through all their belongings, and they’re very clear about the process and planning. They’ll say, “We’ll come in on these three days. This is what we’re going to do on day one, two, and three, and we need you there for day one only.” It’s very well-stated.

The thing that really sets Claudia apart, though, is the design factor she brings. It’s that extra touch. She often deals with huge homes and knows how to handle beautiful works of art and gorgeous antique furniture. She’ll make suggestions such as, “Here’s how we can downsize this sofa” or “This art would look great here.” And she has contacts with people who can take care of items that nobody else in the family wants, such as china or silver. 

Thanks for the kind words, Jan! We love working with you and your clients.

At CMFTO, we understand that moving can be an overwhelming experience, particularly when rightsizing from a large home — and we’re here to help every step of the way. We’d love to discuss your unique needs and our full range of senior relocation services! 

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