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Revisiting the Garage (one-year later)

In case you missed it – last week we highlighted a stunning array of items for sale by one of our Lincoln Park clients. We will be continuing to accept appointments through July 23rd. Please contact us today.

Earlier this spring a client from last summer called to request our assistance. You may remember this garage from last year – we wrote about it in our newsletter on July 17, 2014.

Here’s a picture of how we left things, 11 months ago:

Since then, the homeowners had planned to have a garage sale, that never happened, and were unable to put their house on the market. Additionally, their car had to spend the winter months outside, since the garage was unnecessarily occupied.

Now, with only 5 days until their open house, the homeowners called CMFTO to help them address what they couldn’t during the previous year.

Within no time at all we called upon our valued list of buyers, and the team sorted through the entire garage. Every item was addressed. What was no longer wanted was sold and carried off the same day. The remaining unwanted items were either donated or discarded. On the same day we set the homeowners up with temporary short-term storage and moved everything that was being kept.

The exasperated client breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing their new garage, and it was all accomplished before the house hit the market. What couldn’t be addressed in 11 months, our team managed to sort out in less than 5 days, much to the delight of the homeowner. As an added bonus, the house sold within 30 days.

Sometimes, we have the best of intentions to clear out our belongings. Sometimes, it’s simply too challenging to do alone. That’s where CMFTO comes in. We handle everything for you to make your life easier.

All my best,

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