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“Stuff We Love”


We are excited to share a new piece with you: “Stuff We Love.” This is will be a new addition to our newsletter that will resurface several times throughout the year. In it, we plan to share those little things that we love that make our lives easier in some way.

Whether it’s a product, a service, or something else, “stuff we love” is our way of letting you in on those items that we have discovered and couldn’t do without.

CMFTO Cleaning Products

In this first issue, we are sharing a little product line that has made a big impact in our daily life. Have you heard about Melaleuca? Here’s a sampling of what they have on offer, and what we personally use.

Melaleuca’s “Ecosense” product line has some incredible cleaning power, including a laundry detergent that helped us clean a client’s previously stained luxury linens and restore them to their original beauty. Not only is it friendlier to the environement, but a little goes a long way, for all of these products.

With less waste and greater efficacy, these are easy products to get behind… with one exception. As you can see, we still rely on Windex for cleaning glass and leaving a streak-free shine.

Not only does Melaleuca have excellent environmentally-friendly cleaning products, but they also have personal hygiene products (such as the tooth paste pictured above), and Chocolate! And it’s delicious!

Delectables Chocolate Thins

We hope you enjoy this new feature of our newsletter, as we are glad to share our favorite items with you. They make our lives easier, and we hope they can do the same for you.

All my best,

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