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Styling a Wall

We recently helped move a family from their home in Evanston into a Senior Community. In planning out their new space, we decided to replicate their living room wall.

Some would think a new space requires a new layout. In many cases, we would agree. It’s often important to create a fresh look in a new home, but not always. Sometimes familiarity supercedes, as in the case of our Evanston clients.

[Photos L to R: The original wall, Prepping the wall, The wall in the new home]

When rightsizing, familiarity can be key to making a new space instantly feel like home. For those who cherished their time in their large family homes, replicating a feature wall can bring a little bit of the past into the future.

We all know change can be difficult. It’s the little touches that make it easier to transition from one space into another. When it’s appropriate, and we can replicate something like a wall to make it feel like home, we do our utmost to provide this service for our clients.

Thinking outside the box is important when helping people undergoing transition. At CMFTO we handle each situation uniquely and tailor our services to our clients’ needs.

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