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Top Tip: Unexpected Outdoor Fabrics

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No longer do we have to settle for plain solids or neutrals in our outdoor living space. Outdoor fabric has changed to include tone-on-tone, patterned, and textured options… and we couldn’t be happier! Key features to look for when shopping for outdoor fabric include:

  • stain-resistant
  • sun-resistant
  • mold/mildew-resistant
  • water-resistant

Perennials & Sutherland or Kravet are our favorite ‘go-to’ sources for fabrics of any kind, including for the outdoors. Here are a few samples of what we’re working with this summer.

Another ‘Top Tip’ for outdoor seating is to use cushions that allow water to flow-through, thereby eliminating the need to be constantly moving them in and out depending on the weather.

Open cell foam has open pores that allow water to flow through. This creates a virtually maintenance-free cushion when paired with a quality outdoor fabric.

Alternatively, closed cell foam completely resists moisture absorption, making it virtually water-resistant (and buoyant – which is why it’s used for boats). We love incorporating unexpected technology with unexpected fabrics to make life easier.

Outdoor living is one of the easiest ways to expand your home. It’s also a way to bring your style outside. Instead of using whatever came with your patio set, customize your pieces to match your personal taste. Small touches like these make any space feel more like home.

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