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Two Living Rooms in One – A Recent Staging Success

In this week’s ‘Before and After’ we are sharing with you the value in employing a fresh set of eyes when preparing a home for sale.

Earlier this year we were asked to come assist with the staging of a large home on the North Shore in preparation for its sale. Specifically, we needed to create a greater impact upon entering the home for the prospective buyers. We accomplished this to great effect in the living room – turning one space into two distinct areas.

before_1 after_1

In less than a day, the CMFTO team overhauled the living room using all the existing furniture. The clients had lived in the house for 31 years, and a new perspective was all it took to revamp their space and give new life to their existing pieces. In the end, the new layout actually served to visually enlarge the living room and make it more usable, ultimately more marketable.

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