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Virtual Celebrations: How to Make Them More Personal


The global pandemic has reminded us how to slow down, get creative, and focus on what matters. However, if you’re anything like us, you probably miss gathering for celebrations like birthdays or holidays. Zoom is great, but it also can feel a little impersonal. As such, we have a creative solution for making these virtual gatherings feel more personal.

Picnic table with American flags and Independence Day decorations

One of the things I used to do every 4th of July was to gather with the same group of friends. Traditionally, we would each bring a dish that we could share. Over the years, our dishes became our standard, and we all grew to expect each other’s culinary contributions.

This year, since we won’t be able to gather together, I thought it would be fun to continue the tradition by dropping our dishes off with each other a day in advance. That way, though we are apart, when we’re celebrating on the day, we’re actually still somewhat together, through food and memories.

By making little custom gift tags, you can easily pull together bundles by family. Or, to make it more festive, you can host a “drive-by” at your house, where you place your offerings on a foldable table ready for the other family members to pick up and drop off their own dish.

However you plan to celebrate, a little decoration can go a long way in helping to make things feel more festive. Celebrating an event together is about figuring out ways to make it personal, engaging, and memorable. By taking a few extra steps ahead of time, you can accomplish all of this (and more) and have the best virtual celebration.

Box of cupcakes with flower on top

Extra Tip:

For celebrations such as a child’s birthday, you can drop off a boxed dessert—such as cupcakes, donuts, or cookies—or goodie bags and party favors the morning of the virtual gathering. That way, when it’s time to gather virtually later in the day, everyone feels more connected and like they’re participating personally in the celebration.

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