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An Excellent Opportunity: Items For Private Sale September 21, 2017
King Size Bed

As we mentioned in our newsletter last week, it is important to hire a professional when undergoing transition. As you know, CMFTO offers a variety of services. This week we are offering our relocating client a private sale of their no longer wanted items, that you, our subscriber, may find of value.

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Ask a professional… not your heirs September 14, 2017

When my friends and colleagues sent me the same article related to my business more than 15 times, I knew I needed to respond. I recently received this NY times article about what to do with all those “heirlooms” we all have tucked away in our cupboards, attics, and basements.

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A Special Event: Ken Saunders Gallery September 7, 2017
Ken Saunders

We are very excited to be able to share this special event with you: Ken Saunders Gallery’s Opening Reception!

It’s part of the River North Art District’s Gallery Season Opening Gala this weekend.

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What Matters To Our Clients, Matters To Us August 31, 2017

At CMFTO, our clients are our focus. What’s important to them, is important to us. That’s what it’s all about. And we like to show our support in as many ways as possible.

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Before – During – After: The Process of Staging August 3, 2017
Staging - After

This week we are sharing a recent staging project including the “in process” phase.

Whether you are preparing a home for market or “staging to live,” we hope these photos will inspire you.

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