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Adding Unique Fabrics to Any Room February 22, 2018
Fortuny silk embellished with animals

To make a room feel extra-special, we like to add unique fabrics to select pieces (i.e. pillows). It gives it that certain je ne sais quoi quality that takes a room’s design to the next level.

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Upcycle Your Recyclables February 10, 2018
Lettuce Containers

By now, most of us are doing our best to recycle on a daily basis. With more and more products being packaged in recyclable materials, it’s increasingly important that we avoid filling the landfills.

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Rightsizing Made Easy February 1, 2018
Five Steps to Rightsizing

5 Steps to Making Rightsizing Made Easy

At CMFTO, we have spent years helping clients rightsize their homes, whether they are downsizing from a large family home to a condo or senior community, or upsizing into a house that accommodates a growing family.

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One-Day Staging: Top to Bottom January 25, 2018
Staging - After

When a 3,000 square foot home needs to be staged in just one day, what can you do? The easy answer is: call CMFTO.

We were recently brought in to stage this beautiful home just prior to being listed.

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NEW Year – NEW Neutral January 18, 2018
Barren Plain

It’s a new year, and it’s time to share with you our TOP TIP for a new neutral. While we still love Alaskan Skies (which we already shared with you), we can’t get enough of our new favorite: Barren Plain

Barren Plain is the perfect neutral as it lends itself to both warm and cool palettes.

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