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4th Annual Clutter Challenge – Week 3: Electronics April 19, 2018
4th Annual Clutter Challenge - Electronics

Earth Day is coming up (April 22nd), so this week we’re tackling the clutter of electronics. With the exponential growth of technology, it seems that today’s innovation all too quickly becomes tomorrow’s garbage.

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4th Annual Clutter Challenge – Week 2: You’re Invited (LIVE Presentation) April 12, 2018
Downsizing and Selling Your Home

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Clutter Challenge to invite you to attend Claudia’s LIVE presentation of the “CMFTO Road Show.” This is an opportunity to learn, in person, how to differentiate between trash and treasure, and what you can do with unwanted items.

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4th Annual Clutter Challenge – Week 1: Luxury & Designer Items April 5, 2018
CMFTO - Luxury Brands

April is here, which means it’s time for the Annual CMFTO Clutter Challenge, now in its 4th year! A few weeks ago, we asked you what areas you needed help addressing, and you replied.

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A New Start at 86 March 29, 2018

After living in the same home for 54 years, our client, Joyce, made the proactive decision to let go of her beloved 2-story home and move into a Senior Lifestyle Community to be closer to her children.

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Design Refresh: A Touch of Blue March 22, 2018
Blue Accesories

Sometimes the easiest way to refresh an existing design is to add touches of the same color throughout the space. For instance, in a recent project we were inspired by the island of Capri and all the luscious blues associated with that remarkable place.

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