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End of Summer To-Do: Enjoy the Fruits of Summer… into Fall August 16, 2018
Finish Dish

There’s nothing better than visiting your local farmers’ market throughout the summer months. It’s a “must” on our weekly schedule. However, as this culinary gem begins to wind down in August and September, I like to buy a little extra and prep it for the colder months ahead.

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End of Summer To-Do: Prepping for Colder Temps August 9, 2018
Gutters - After

It’s time to get out the punch list for fall, which includes booking professionals before their schedules fill up. While there are some preparations we can do ourselves, it’s important to hire professionals for the bigger items, like:

Windows Gutters Paint Furnace Chimney

One of our clients recently hired a window/gutter cleaning service that provided pictures of the before/after of their gutters:

Even the tiniest amount of debris can create big problems for a homeowner, but very few of us are able to climb onto our roofs to get this job done.

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End of Summer To-Do: Garage Clean-Up August 2, 2018
Garage - Before

It’s the first week of August – and the last full month of summer – which means it’s time to take advantage of the weather and take care of certain household items.

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Staging Successfully (Before & After) July 19, 2018
Living Room - After

Today’s real estate buyer begins their shopping online. They’re looking for neutral tones and an ability to see themselves in the home. A home that appears move-in ready will easily attract potential buyers, whose first impression is through a photographer’s lens.

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Summer Newsletter Schedule July 7, 2018

We love sharing our projects, inspiration, and tips with you throughout the year. We also love the more inviting pace of summer – a time to enjoy all the best life has to offer with family and friends.

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