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30 Years in the Same Home

What happens when the same family lives in the same home for over 30 years? As you can imagine, there is a lot of accumulation across three decades. Memories from all stages of life are evident in the furnishings and decorative accessories.

More importantly, though, the house becomes a home – a place to live, work, share, love, and grow. When we walk into our clients’ homes we become witnesses to these rich family histories. Our work, therefore, is not to remove the memories, but appropriately preserve them while preparing the home for its new owners to create their own memories.

In this Before and After, we did just that. Take a look:


Sorting through what stays and what goes is the first step in walking a client through the process of preparing their home for market as well as moving into their new home.


After sorting, removing, and rearranging existing pieces, the room is ready to be shown to prospective buyers who can then imagine themselves in the space and all the memories they will be able to create in their new home.

We love sharing our “Before and After” series with you as we hope it inspires you in your life with new ideas.

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