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Combining Households

What happens when you have to combine two existing, and busy, households into one? Well, presumably, the answer would normally include words like: chaos, stress, frustration, and despair. That’s not the case when you hire someone to manage it for you, allowing you to maintain your work schedule. At CMFTO we work to make the process of transition easier. Whether it’s rightsizing, staging, or even combining households, as in the case of our recent project for Karen Zelden.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Karen had to say about her experience working with us.

“Claudia and her team were a key element of our successful move last fall. We combined two large homes in Winnetka into one. That translates to lots of stuff and lots of styles. Claudia was key to packing and making decisions about what to keep. In addition, when we decided to get rid of things — furniture, dishes etc – Claudia was able to sell much of it and cart it away. Her assistance allowed us to save money on our move and make a little extra as we disposed of things. Would never do it again without her.” – Karen Zelden

We understand how stressful change can be. We know moving is at the top of the list when it comes to life changes. We pride ourselves on making that process easier.

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