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A Quick Tip for Easy Spring/Summer Updating

We all like to refresh our homes seasonally. In the fall, cuddly throws come out of storage, while winter sees us adorning our homes with sprigs of evergreen. In the spring our focus turns to the outdoors as nature begins to wake up and blooms of spring bulbs show their colors. But what about the inside of the home? How can we refresh our homes for the warmer weather?

One of our favorite tips here are CMFTO is also the easiest. and it has an added benefit for your home. What is it?

Roll up the rugs.

When spring rolls around, we tend to look for lighter, softer, and breezier expressions of our style. Removing area rugs from the home is a quick and easy way to freshen any room. Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity to have them properly cleaned.

We all know dust and debris tend to accumulate during the winter. Vacuuming is good, but we also need to have our rugs deep cleaned professionally from time to time. Removing them seasonally creates the perfect opportunity to get this done, and we know you will enjoy the new feeling of light in your home.

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P.S. An Extra tip: While you’re at it, go a little further and replace your throw pillows with a more neutral look using lighter colors and fabrics.

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