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An Elegant Before & After

On one of our recent projects we were tasked with helping our client prepare their home for market. With really strong bones, this home was ready to be showcased magnificently. Only one thing stood in our way: clutter.

A lived-in home accumulates clutter over time. It’s normal. In order to stage a home for sale, the first task, therefore, is always to declutter. Our approach to decluttering is to remove that which is preventing the home from showing its character and highlighting its features, which often includes removing pieces our client no longer needs. Therefore, usually we’re removing pieces, but in the case of this fabulous home, we decided to add a show-stopper that we discovered in the attic.


Somewhat congested, this airy room had served multiple purposes for its homeowners, and it showed. Home office, media room and Lounge – it was the hub of the home, packed full of the client’s memories and daily activities.


Having removed the extra cushions from the sofa, and replaced the settee with a beautiful armchair, we found an elegant antique table in the attic, which completed the clean and sophisticated, yet inviting, look. After being refinished, the table became the crown in the room.

When staging a home for sale, it’s important to consider the potential buyer and how they can best envision themselves in the space. By paring down and highlighting the features of the home, it becomes more inviting.

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