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Incorporating Old Treasures

The living room is the main room in the home from which you share your life. It’s where you invite your guests to pay a visit, have meaningful conversations with family and friends, and find respite with a good book at the end of a long week. Formal, informal, modern, or traditional, the living room plays host to your life every day.

So, what happens when your Victorian treasures from a large house on the West Coast move into a contemporary high-rise in Chicago?

This week we take you to the home of one of our clients as we work to incorporate their past with their future.

In a new setting, everything looks fresh and inviting. Mixing the old with the new, incorporating a cozy layout for seating, and a warm color palette makes this modern home the perfect transition for the homeowners.

Not only did we make use of their Victorian treasures, but our mill workers created a multipurpose custom cabinet providing a combined office and entertainment space in one room. Additionally we updated the Victorian chairs to round out their transitional look, thereby creating an alternate eating and entertaining area.

Whether it’s a totally new home, or just an update to your existing abode, touching up your living room by incorporating old treasures can make this central part of your house even more inviting.

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