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Basement 2.0

Here at CMFTO, we pride ourselves on assisting our colleagues and clients in making their homes more inviting for potential buyers, including tidying up and cleaning out problem areas.

Staging Tip #111: Clean it out to sell it faster

The Challenge:

A cluttered basement is filled with unused items and personal memorabilia making it a deterrent for prospective buyers to imagine themselves in this home.

The Solution:

Working with the homeowners, each item was carefully assessed for its value, use, and place in their new home. We then helped organize their belongings into four categories: donate, discard, sell, and keep. After sorting, we facilitated the removal of each item and brought a team in to clean and freshen the space, creating the perfect blank palette for a new buyer.

Clearing out personal clutter is key to staging any home for sale. 

Not only does it allow prospective buyers to see themselves in the space more readily, it also helps the homeowners live more freely, out from under years (sometimes decades) of unused belongings. It’s the ultimate win-win in staging at relatively low cost. Furthermore, we were able to take much of the “sell pile” to our buyers, making it an even greater win-win for the homeowners by offsetting our fee. All it took was an investment of the homeowners’ time and CMFTO’s services.

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