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A Navajo Blanket Saves the Day!

Dear Cello,

Here at CMFTO, we work closely with our colleagues and clients to make home staging easy and successful. We’re happy to begin sharing Claudia’s Top Tips with you using real examples from the field as well as sharing professional guidelines. Enjoy!

Staging Tip #107: Use what you already have, and keep it simple.

The Challenge:

A homeowner’s favorite leather sofa, used daily, has a giant tear in the cushion.

Leather Sofa

The Solution:

Looking through the homeowner’s linen closet, we came upon this gorgeous Navajo blanket! Perfectly placed, it warms up the room making it more inviting… AND it serves to hide the tear in the cushion at
NO COST to the client.


Navajo Blanket


Staging a home is about making a potential buyer feel good when they walk in the door. Using existing pieces in a new way saves time and money, allowing CMFTO to make a home market-ready in less time.

All my best,

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