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Buying and Selling a Home That Needs Work

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What happens when you’re the listing agent for a property that needs work and you have a potential buyer who lives out of town and won’t close the deal without knowing the work can be accomplished in their absence by a trusted source?

This was the situation for a colleague of ours who included a referral to CMFTO™ as part of the negotiation… and subsequently closed the deal.

This 2 bed/2 bath condo needs a complete rehab, but the new owners live most of the year in California. They wouldn’t agree to purchase the property if there couldn’t be someone on-site to manage and facilitate its renovation. From design to installation, we are overseeing the entire project to make the home move-in ready in less than three months.

While the majority of our clients live locally, we are always available to help those who aren’t local, by providing personalized and excellent service from our trusted list of vetted resources as well as our CMFTO™ design team. Our colleagues know our detailed approach and level of service, trust, and care for their clients throughout each project.

Whether near or far, our clients know that we will do our very best to assist them with their needs. This is just one way CMFTO™ makes your life easier.

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