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Easy Paint Selections for Staging Your Home

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Choosing a palette for staging your home should always start with a base color. At CMFTO, we love a good neutral. Over the years, we’re shared a few of our favorites, such as: Alaskan SkiesBarren Plain, and Light Pewter.

Neutral Color Palette Selection

Of course, we know personal preference plays a role when picking colors, which is why we also recommend creating a color palette using multiple neutrals that speak to each other.

By doing this, you bring more depth to your home, while also creating a lighter fresher feel. Staying within the same family is more appealing to the eye and subsequently, prospective buyers.

Our Top Tip? Lay out your palette using large paint chips, and identify each room by writing it on the front. This is an easy way to select paints for staging your home. From a recent project, you can see our favorites include the three aforementioned neutrals, as well as Winter Solstice and Brittany Blue, all by Benjamin Moore.

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