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End of Summer To-Do: Garage Clean-Up

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It’s the first week of August – and the last full month of summer – which means it’s time to take advantage of the weather and take care of certain household items. For the remainder of this month, each week we will be highlighting a different “end of summer to-do” item to help you enjoy the last of the warmer weather while preparing for what’s to come.

A garage clean-up is a great family activity during these warmer days. Set aside one day to tackle the garage together, and you’ll reap the benefits for months to come.

A few years ago, we highlighted a complete garage overhaul in our newsletter. To see what’s possible in one day, here are the before/after pictures:

To clean up the garage in one day, it’s important to have a team, a game plan and assign everybody a task. It’s also important to have designated areas for: keep, donate, discard (and it’s important to remove the donate/discard items on the same day).

Usually, the driveway is the best place to do all the sorting as you remove everything from the garage. That way, you have a nice clean slate to start with when you put the “keep” items back in in a more organized manner.

Whether you’re clearing out years of clutter, or just tidying up for the winter months, by organizing sports and yard equipment, a garage overhaul is well worth the investment of a day’s work.

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