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Staging Successfully (Before & After)

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Today’s real estate buyer begins their shopping online. They’re looking for neutral tones and an ability to see themselves in the home. A home that appears move-in ready will easily attract potential buyers, whose first impression is through a photographer’s lens.

In order to achieve these marketing photographs that attract a potential buyer, a home needs to be thoroughly prepared for market. This includes:

  • editing items for donation and sale
  • upgrading paint and carpet
  • cleaning
  • making minor household repairs

Taking away the distractions that detract from the beauty of the home allows the potential buyer to envision themselves in the space.

The final step is staging. Staging is not about just putting furniture in a home – it’s about highlighting the home’s potential through the deliberate use of furniture and decorative accessories.

Here are a few before and after photos from one of our recent projects.

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