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Golfer’s Digest and CMFTO

Our mind is already on spring, as we daydream about green fairways and warmer days. As such, we are really excited to share this new venture with you. CMFTO is advertising in Golfer’s Digest, which may seem unrelated, but in fact, it’s not.

Often, inquiries for our services come from individuals who have second homes, or live out of the area but have families who are local, especially parents who are looking to rightsize.

Many of these clients enjoy the game of golf, whether it’s during the warmer summer months in Chicago, or over the moderate winters elsewhere.

It seemed like a natural fit, therefore, for us to partner with Golfer’s Digest in this way. So don’t be surprised when you see our ad across from the PGA schedule 2016. In fact, why not check it out!



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