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When Saying Goodbye Means Saying Hello

Our job is to make transitions easier for our clients. Sometimes, however, it is truly challenging for someone to undergo change, especially when they’ve been in the same home for over four decades. This was the case with one of our clients who was making the transition from a large home on the lake, filled with beautiful things, to a smaller residence as part of a senior community.

Our client was concerned that she wouldn’t feel comfortable in her new surroundings, after leaving her lifelong home behind. After working together to create the best possible scenario and keeping her involved in every step, our client began to see the possibility of embracing her new space knowing that CMFTO would pay attention to every detail. In her own words:

“As I began the process of moving to the Presbyterian Home, I felt that I may lose my decision making voice.

After meeting with the CMFTO team I was assured I would maintain control of the move with their experienced, guiding hands….and a suprising twist, we became friends in the process.”

Mary Anne Hoover/Evanston



The empty space felt cold and uninviting, causing our client concern over leaving her home behind and embarking on this new chapter in her life.


Now warm and cozy, our client feels happy and comfortable surrounded by her favorite belongings in a space that truly feels like home.

The client’s furnishings translated beautifully. Once we were finished setting up her new place, our relationship didn’t end there. In addition to creating this new setting, we assisted with running the necessary errands to help her feel settled and comfortable.

With a little extra help, our client was able to say goodbye to her old home, and embrace the new lease on life her new space afforded her. It was a “hello” that was well worth the effort.

All my best,

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