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Got Junk?

You’ve seen the ads. There are many different companies nowadays that offer to come and pick up your unwanted items for a fee. But we were wondering: what do they actually DO with all that junk? So, we decided to find out.

As it turns out, though it might seem more convenient, you’re not necessarily doing your home, community, or the globe any favors. Most of the junk we discard that is collected by a service is trashed. That means it goes into a landfill.

Furthermore, while it sounds like a really great idea – you still have to do all the prep work to sort through your piles and figure out what you want to keep, and what has outlived its purpose in your life. The piles have to be edited.

We have a better solution.

CMFTO focuses on the detail work. That means that after a few preliminary discussions with you, we take the time to sort your unwanted items into actionable categories. We often try to find buyers for items that are able to be resold. If not, we focus on donation and supporting a local charity or organization. Finally, we allow what’s left to be removed by your local waste management company.

By taking the extra time to invest in a service like CMFTO you’re doing yourself and your home a favor. Removing unwanted items is not just about making them “go away” – it’s about responsibility. A team like CMFTO takes the leg work out of finding the best solution and gets it done for you. There’s nothing more convenient – or responsible – than that.

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