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‘Home Alone’ house – CMFTO becomes part of Hollywood history!

'Home Alone' House

Historic Hollywood home in Winnetka, IL

CMFTO is thrilled to have been a part of this historic piece of Hollywood. The ‘Home Alone’ house was a great project. From beginning to end, we stepped in to assist the home owners with prepping for their move and preparing their house for sale.

On a personal note, it was absolutely surreal to be walking around a ‘movie set’ every day! The house hasn’t changed much since McCauley Culkin was wandering its halls. From the gorgeous entry hall to the expansive kitchen, the house is simply gorgeous.

As professional organizers, movers and stylists – we work to provide ‘A to Z’ service for our clients, and this project was no exception. We were grateful to be included in such a momentous occasion. Check out the “Before and After” pictures below from our work inside the ‘Home Alone’ house!

As with all of our staging projects, we utilized the current home owners’ existing pieces in a new way to better highlight the space of each room. We also modified several rooms with current color and flooring to enhance the home’s natural charm and beauty.

It is always such a privilege to enter a client’s home and work together with them creating a vision for their space, whether its a new residence or preparing their current home for sale. One of the true joys of our business is creating relationships with our clients that go beyond the professional. Our clients become our friends.

The entryway BEFORE

The entryway - AFTER












The dining room BEFORE

The dining room AFTER








The Breakfast Room BEFORE

The Breakfast Room AFTER








The Family Room BEFORE







The Family Room AFTER

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