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Repurposing, Reinventing, Renewing

“Just like green is the new black, repurposing is the new recycling.”  That was yesterday’s TuesdayTwitTip – the start of something new for CMFTO. We hope you will enjoy our weekly tips in which we hope to inspire you to see your world with fresh eyes, whether it’s a new way to use an old piece, or a fresh perspective on what’s trending.  (You don’t follow us on Twitter yet? What are you waiting for? Click on the links on our home page, or search for us at: @CMFTransitional. See you there!)

Now, back to this week’s tip. Have you ever looked at something in your house, maybe a cherished piece, but wished for a new way to display or use it? You don’t want to get rid of it – why would you? You like it, but you’re just tired of the same old view every time you sit down in your living room. We have the solution: Repurpose it!

That’s right – repurpose. Instead of jumping on eBay and looking for a way to get a monetary return on your investment, why not get an emotional return instead? Not only does repurposing allow you to keep the piece itself, but it also gives you a sense of joy in knowing that you have come up with something new, something inspired.

So, grab those old vases and make an occasional table. That’s what we did, and the result is stunning!

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