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How to Move When You Already Live Elsewhere

Sometimes we work with clients who aren’t physically present during the transition process. We recently had one such project, in which the client had already relocated to a warmer climate before selling their Chicago home. With the help of CMFTO, it was not necessary for the client to be present during the entire transition. In fact, they went on vacation for the last two weeks of the move, knowing that everything was taken care of by the CMFTO team.

In addition to coordinating and facilitating the move, CMFTO managed every aspect with regard to the client’s downsizing wishes. They already had a fully furnished home elsewhere and no longer had a need for many of their more Midwestern belongings. Our team was hired to oversee the final cleaning of the home, as well as manage the distribution of items to family members, sell unwanted items on eBay and to our trusted list of contacts, and even consign some designer clothing.

In the end, here’s what the Realtor, our colleague, Janet Owen of Berkshire Hathaway, had to say about the experience.

I don’t know what I would do without Claudia McLaughlin and her CMF Transitional Organization team. As a real estate broker specializing in the high end Chicago market, I have several clients moving from very large homes to smaller pied-a-terres because they are spending more time at their other homes. One of the biggest challenges is trying to break the news that it is time to let go a lot of things accumulated throughout the years. Claudia has just exactly the right approach. She has mastered the true art of helping people “let go” without offending them, and at the end of the project, they are thrilled that they did, because CMFTO made the process easy and painless.

Just a few months ago, Claudia and her team handled every facet of one of my best client’s complicated move. She knew exactly where each piece should be sent, stored, given to charity, or sold. She facilitated the entire transition from beginning to end. The clients live full time in Arizona and they trusted Claudia and her team with their home in Chicago to handle every detail of their move. I, and my clients, were absolutely delighted with Claudia and her CMF Transitional Organization team.

I highly recommend Claudia to assist in any transition. She is truly the best.

Thank you, Janet. We love what we do, and we strive to make everything easier for our clients, no matter how large or small the project.

All my best,

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