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How to Style a Bookshelf


Bookshelves offer a great opportunity to get creative and stay organized at the same time. At CMFTO, we recommend a “less is more” approach to styling shelves for a balanced, uncluttered look — and a great backdrop for Zoom calls! 

Follow these easy guidelines to design your perfect bookshelf: 

  • Curate your books, keeping the total number to a minimum. 
  • Keep your books neat, whether you organize them by size, color, or genre. 
  • Consider stacking some books horizontally for variety. 
  • Add organic materials, including plants, to the mix. Succulents are a great choice, as they’re easy to maintain and generally don’t require much light. 
  • Personalize the space with original art and unique objects.
  • Limit your groupings to three items per shelf as a rule of thumb. However, if a particular piece has presence, let it stand alone. 

Finally, enjoy the process! Styling your bookshelf is a fun way to personalize your space without making any long-term design commitments.

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