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Summer Travel Essentials

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Whenever I travel, I plan for both scheduled and spontaneous activities. That means making reservations in advance for things like spa services, visits to museums and parks, and coffee or dinner dates with family and friends — while also leaving plenty of room for personal time. After all, vacations should be invigorating without being exhausting! 

Comfort, convenience, and touches of luxury are also part of any relaxing vacation for me. To that end, the following items are my must-haves for any trip: 

  • My olive green Paravel roller bag with saddle trim, in the Aviator Carry-on style. Beautifully designed and sustainably made, this luggage easily fits in the overhead on the plane and is so well-organized that you can easily retrieve magazines, books, glasses, or whatever you might need in-flight. 
  • A packable sun hat from Janessa Leoné, who makes gorgeous accessories that last for ages
  • Institut Esthederm SPF 50+
  • A versatile bathing suit
  • Acqua di Parma shower gel and lotion in the Colonia scent, which does double duty as a lovely summer fragrance 
  • My iPad, for checking email, watching videos, and taking notes 
  • A good old-fashioned journal, for jotting down notes, memories, and creative ideas or inspiration 

Whatever your destination, from a lakeside summer cottage to a fabulous Parisian hotel, I hope my ideas for summer travel essentials help make your planning and packing part of the fun. Bon voyage!

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