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Restoring a Homeowner’s Treasures

Here at CMFTO, we pride oursevles on assisting our colleagues and clients in making their homes more inviting for potential buyers, especially when it means giving new life to existing treasures.

Staging Tip #109: Keep an eye out for overlooked treasures


The Challenge:

An elegant dining room is calling out for personal touches, without looking overly crowded or fussy.

The Challenge

The Solution:

Looking through the homeowner’s cupboards, we uncovered these porcelain treasures hidden from view. The homeowner admitted to thinking they were “unattractive” – that is, until we pulled them out cleaned them up, and paired them with simple orchids (a minimal investment of 40 minutes shopping and $38), keeping a monochromatic look. Simple. Elegant. Finished.

The Solution


Once again, CMFTO used existing pieces in the homeowner’s own collection, thereby maximizing our resources and time investment. With their new lease on life, the homeowner saw her treasures again with new eyes. Suddenly they became more attractive as they were highligthed and paired with simple, clean orchids. Perfect! (Another top tip: Use plants that can last the selling season. Orchids are a great choice!)

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