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Staging to Live™ – Why It Matters

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The argument for Staging to Live

“Staging” is a familiar concept to anyone who has ever bought or sold a home. We make the necessary cosmetic improvements to make our home look “like new.” We pack up the clutter, rearrange the furnishing to make them more livable, throw some flowers in a vase and, in a pinch, bake some cookies.

But why do we wait to improve our home until we’re almost ready to move?

It’s time to rethink “staging to move” to “staging to live.” We’re not suggesting a full remodel, but rather making the small investments in time and money to make your home the best it can be, today for you to enjoy.

Start by getting rid of some stuff. The papers, tschochkes, clothes, chipped dishes, old sports equipment, drawers full of Cubs plastic cups – the stuff that wears you down, crowds your space and muddles your psyche. Stuff you no longer need but have been too lazy or uncertain to purge.

Take a hard look around your home. We’re certain you’ll finally see those eyesores you’ve put up with, until now. The cracked baseboard in your entryway, the stained carpet, chipped countertop and faded paint. You wouldn’t flinch fixing these things in order to sell your home. So why not fix them to really LIVE in your home.

Replace the dining room fixture with one you really love. Paint the oak kitchen cabinets and leave the ‘60s behind. Rip up the stained carpet and refurbish those beautiful floorboards. Make the small changes today that make your house more appealing to you, not just a potential buyer.

Live purposefully. Stop saving your nice dishes, fine linens, even your upholstery for another time. Remove the cover on your couch and enjoy the beautiful fabric underneath. Pitch the chipped cups and drink your wine or cocktails in a civilized manner. Clean out your closet and keep only what you wear, making room for a fabulous new jacket or heel.

Not sure where to start? Think about hiring a professional like Claudia McLaughlin, the ultimate in transition concierges. She and her team of ASID interior designers and moving experts at CMFTO have serviced hundreds of clients needing to “rightsize.” They have the resources to help you purge and get rid of your excess stuff, whether through donations or resale. They have a rolodex stacked with the most reliable resources for fixing anything in your home. And they’ve got the vision and energy to help you “stage to live.”

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