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Staging Tip: Don’t Overlook the “Secondary” Spaces

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Most homeowners focus on the primary living areas in the home when they are preparing and staging their home for sale. These areas typically include: the living room, the main bedroom and bath, and the kitchen. 

As a result, more often than not, the secondary areas are overlooked. What is a “secondary” area? Most secondary areas would include anything on a lower level, such as a basement family room, or a home office, or an outdoor living space.

Before and after versions of basement home

A lower level family room is a perfect way to highlight this home’s potential. By keeping the room clear of accessories, prospective buyers are able to see just how flexible a space like this might be. For example, it can easily transform into a much desired home office.

Outdoor patio with furniture and decor

In the warmer months, it’s key to highlight outdoor spaces as an extension of your home’s footprint. By focusing on outdoor living, you can increase your home’s flexibility, especially in this social distancing time.

As you can see, paying a little extra attention to what is typically thought of as a “secondary” space in your home can make all the difference to a potential buyer.

By focusing on these areas, the prospective buyer has an easier time imagining themselves in the space and making it their own. 

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