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Staging to Live™: A CMFTO Before & After

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While we’re prepping and staging homes for market, we invariably hear:

“Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Staging To Live is about looking at your home through fresh eyes and making the changes now, instead of waiting for the necessity of sale. It’s about enjoying your home at its best, instead of gifting that to its next owner. It’s also about being prepared enough to be able to entertain at a moment’s notice, without a lot of fuss.

This all means, of course, that Staging To Live means inviting ease and grace into your home on a daily basis with less worry.

This example of a Staging To Live “Before & After” took very little time and money to accomplish. After updating the wall color, we did a light refresh making use of the homeowner’s existing pieces, by editing, rearranging, and adding a few smaller pieces (like the neutral pillows with a pop of color). It was all done with a limited budget and in a timely manner, and the results are definitely worth it!

CMFTO Staging - Before

CMFTO Staging - After

CMFTO Staging - AfterWith a new season just around the corner (and Spring cleaning entering all of our minds), it’s a great time to create your own light refresh in your home. Why wait until it’s time to put it on display for someone else to appreciate it? When you stage your home to live you get to benefit from your investment.

The best way to approach a light refresh is to follow these simple steps:

  • Edit & Organize: Go through your home and pare down to what you really want, enjoy, and use.
  • Update & Upgrade: A new wall color can instantly lift any room, while rearranging and repurposing existing furniture and accessories is the easiest way to refresh any space.
  • Add Simple Touches: As in our example, new small touches can add an instant pop to a new palette without breaking the budget.

Alternatively, you can hire CMFTO™ to help you go through your home (including your cabinets, attics, and basements) to assist you in the process. Addressing this now will make living in your home easier, more comfortable, and ready for anything.

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