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Decluttering Made Easy™: Silver April 18, 2019
SILVER: CMFTO's 5th Annual Clutter Challenge (Luxury Edition)

Silver is one of the most prevalent items we find in significant quantities in our clients’ homes. There is a big difference, though, between sterling silver and silver plate.

To start, keep in mind this simple and general way to look at silver:

  • Sterling silver has the potential to appreciate in value, while silver plate does not.
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Decluttering Made Easy™: Jewelry April 11, 2019
JEWELRY: CMFTO's 5th Annual Clutter Challenge (Luxury Edition)

Just like art, jewelry is a highly subjective area. With the exception of some of the component basics (like weight, carat, and quality), the value of jewelry is entirely driven by its marketability.

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Decluttering Made Easy™: Art April 4, 2019
CMFTO Clutter Challenge: Art

Art is one of the most personal investments you can make. Over decades, we can accumulate a large number of pieces, which is great when we have room to display them, but what do you do with your art collection when it’s time to rightsize?

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Decluttering Made Easy™: Attics & Basements April 26, 2018
CMFTO - Attics and Basements

Attics and basements. They’re often the most dreaded and overlooked areas in our homes, as repositories for unused, seasonal, and hand-me-down items. Is it a case of “out of sight, out of mind?”

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Decluttering Made Easy™: Electronics April 19, 2018
4th Annual Clutter Challenge - Electronics

This week, we’re tackling electronic clutter. With the exponential growth of technology, it seems that today’s innovation all too quickly becomes tomorrow’s garbage. 

So, how can we handle our unused and/or outdated electronics responsibly while reducing clutter? 

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