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Trés Trays

The Most Versatile Object in Your Home

When was the last time you used a tray? Or a platter (which is really a form of a tray)? We think this often overlooked object is one of the most versatile in your home, and this week we’re celebrating the common tray!


Trays come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From the incredibly ornate silver ones usually reserved for special occasions, to the woooden or straw daily workhorses and everything in between, the tray is an incredibly versatile item that can be adapted to suit almost any need.

Trays can be used for entertaining (serving without trays is pretty much impossible), as decoration (a single tray with a plant and a stack of books is universally elegant), or to delineate an area (creating a “bar” on a tray is quite effective).

From every day events to more formal occasions, trays make our lives easier. How would we pass hors d’ouevres or simply shuttle items from one room to another without the use of a tray? Not only are they practical, but trays can turn a simple gathering into something special.


The next time your friends pop by for a quick chat, why not place everything on a tray and simply move outside? With the use of a few trays, an ordinary event can be turned into a mini-party, which we can all agree makes every day just a little better.

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